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Mix two tablespoons of Whey protein powder with 250ml of water or milk, either in a shaker or blender. For extra taste and nutrition try adding in some superfood powders such as lucuma, or even our superfood smoothie blend. Natava Superfoods Whey Protein powder (WPC) is sourced from New Zealand dairy and is more than 80% pure protein. The powder con?tains no artificial flavours and sweeteners, or synthetic sports supplements that a lot of other proteins unfortunately contain, and is why health conscious sports people prefer Natava Superfoods Whey Protein.

Natava Superfoods protein powder also dissolves very easily in water and milk, so you don't have to worry about drinking lumpy protein. It is perfect for post workouts to encourage muscle growth, by providing your body with the perfect amino acids needed for muscle building, strength and recovery. There is a small amount of soy lecithin (0.13%) in the product to aid in dissolving, which is common for protein products.

We recommend blending the protein powder with one of the Natava Superfoods anti-oxidant organic food powders as in general this Whey protein is purely stripped right back. Product code: 9421028651189 Cautions
Contains dairy product

To be used as a supplement to a well balanced diet

Contains dairy and soy product Ingredients
Whey Protein
Organic Cacao Powder
Thaumatin (sweetener)

 Nutritional Information - per 30g serve


509kj (120cal)


  - gluten
not detected


  - saturated


  - sugars


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