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SleepDrops for Kids

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Using for a month now on my almost 3 and my 5 year old... a bit disappointed but has helped a little. They both end up in our bed in the night still and still takes an hour for them to actually go to sleep. Might try another product next time. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Pretty good. Not a full night's sleep but usually a reasonable sleep with these. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer These drops are amazing. We were seriously short on sleep with our 3 year old who woke in the night and would be awake for 3 hours +. He woke up wide awake despite it being the middle of the night and would play loudly in his room. He would eventually drop up but then be up by 6am and would be tired, grumpy and very sensitive all day.

The sleep drops were a life saver. From the first day he slept better. He didn't wake as often during the night and if he did wake he settled more quickly. Now he rarely wakes during the night and if he does he settles very quickly. He also sleeps right through to 7am. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Our 2.5yr old has slept all night for 4 consecutive nights, first time in his life he has slept all night...!! Totally recommend these sleep drops. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Our 18 month old daughters night time antics had started to take its toll so we decided to give the sleep drops a go - She has slept through 4 nights in a row and counting! Our best result yet. Will def be keeping up with the Sleep drops!! *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Cautions
• 5 drops 30 minutes before bed and then 5 drops when switching the main lights out
• Continue to give half hourly if necessary but for a maximum of 4 doses per night

No known contraindications.
SleepDrops for Kids is non-addictive, non-drowsy and will not interfere with any medication.
Take as directed.
If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Ingredients
SleepDrops for Kids contains a proprietary blend of glycerine (organic coconut derived), water and alcohol plus: 

Californian poppy, Corydalis, Chamomile, Hops, Jamaican dogwood, Kava, Lavender, Lemon balm, Lime flowers, Milk thistle, Passionflower, Skullcap, Zizyphus 

Homeopathic remedies
Chamomilla, Coffea crud, Gentian, Hypericum, Kali phos, Mag phos, Melatonin, Nux vom, Passiflora, Pulsatilla, Vitamin C 
Flower essences – First Light Flower essences of New Zealand