2-in-1 Luxury Cream Cleanser & Face Mask

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NZ Nutritionals Rosehip Tea contains loose Rose hips for infusing in a teapot.
  • Herbs are natures nutrition....each herb contains unique plant nutrients called phytonutrients
  • These phytonutrients are involved in cell function and aid well-being
  • A functional well-being beverage with a nutritional punch

Use morning and night. Squeeze product onto clean hands then massage over your face, neck and with care around the eye area to remove bacteria and makeup. You can use wet fingers if the product becomes too thick. Rinse off with warm water (not hot) and a face cloth.

Leave on for up to 20 minutes as a nourishing, hydrating face mask.
If using as a cleanser add one drop of essential oil to the basin of warm water.

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