Branched Chain Amino Acids

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Life Extension Advanced Curcumin Elite protects curcuminoids from conjugation by combining curcumin with galactomannans, a type of fiber derived from fenugreek seeds. Clinical and pre-clinical data shows that doing so produces 45.5 times more bioavailability and broader tissue distribution of free curcuminoids than unformulated curcumin.  

In a clinical study, more than 70% of total plasma curcuminoids were still in their free form five hours after ingestion. That translates into more comprehensive whole-body health support from the curcumin supplement.

Life Extension have added several plant compounds to Advanced Curcumin Elite™ to enhance this supplement. Standardized ginger compounds and turmerones from turmeric oil complement curcumin’s ability to support a healthy immune response where it is needed most, and support curcumin’s other health benefits as well.

The total amount of free curcuminoids delivered by standard curcumin (such as the one in Life Extentions previous formulation) is low. So, Life Extension made the switch to Advanced Curcumin Elite™ in order to provide a best possible curcumin supplement to our customers.

It is also worth noting that curcumin in Advanced Curcumin Elite™ is sourced from a multitude of responsible farming collectives in India.  Advanced Curcumin Elite™ is then made via FenuMAT™, a patented, environmentally friendly, water-based extraction technology (no solvents or chemicals) during which it is combined with fenugreek fiber.
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Adults: 18 years and older take 4 capsules daily with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.