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Zen Therapeutics Ki Cold & Flu Attack Formula is a herbal formula to be taken at the first sign of ills and chills. Andrographis (KalmColdTM) is a scientifically studied herb shown to be a powerful immune support, soothe the throat and support recovery for ills and chills. Fresh Ginger is a herb traditionally used to help support the immune system. Zinc helps to support good health and healthy immune function.

Adults:Acute dose – 2 tablets per day 
Prevention dose – 1 tablet per day, one month prior to Hayfever season
Maintenance dose – 1 tablet per day

Most people will see a positive improvement within a week.
If taking over the counter medication such as anti-histamines, it is recommended that you gradually reduce the dosage of the medication after 1-2 weeks of commencing Ki Hayfever.

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