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Lip Pencil Camellia Morning

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Kaloba Pelargonium Sidoides Extract soothes the nose, sinuses, throat and bronchi; is suitable for the whole family, including children 1 year and older.
Kaloba® helps the bodys fight against winter and seasonal bugs. It helps the bodys immune response keep the winter bugs and ailments at bay; it also supports the immune systems natural response.
Kaloba® contains a special extract, EPs® 7630, derived from a South African plant called Pelargonium sidoides. This purple flowering plant has been traditionally used in a herbal preparation for the nose, sinus, throat and respiratory system problems; namely against the attack of winter and seasonal ills and chills.
Kaloba® goes to work quickly to help the bodys natural defences respond promptly to the onslaught of seasonal ills and chills that target the airways and respiratory system.
More than twenty scientific studies confirm that Kaloba®, particularly when used promptly assists natural and healthy recovery; it also supports the bodys natural immune response.

TAPS NA 7025

Use alone for a long lasting matte finish or as a liner or base to compliment your lip choice of colour.