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Sakura Blossom Natural Deodorant

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Kaia Naturals Overnight Dry Shampoo Brunette combines time-activated deodorizers with the luxurious scent of Japanese Camellia. Powered by detoxifying activated charcoal and a blend of ultra-micronized powders, this dry shampoo works to absorb odor and oil while instantly refreshing hair and adding volume to all hair types. 

The overnight dry shampoo uses new Wing-Lift Technology that works to propel powders without hair and scalp damaging propellants (butane and propane) goes on dry – no wet or white cast. Kaia Naturals dry shampoo offers consumers pure powder. This dry shampoo lasts up to 3x longer than aerosol spray as there are NO PROPELLANTS in the formula. 
maranta arundinacea, lavandula hybrida, carbo activatus
Simply: Apply to your underarms and follow the detox steps.