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Natural Food Colouring Orange

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Hopper Natural Food Colouring Green is actually colouring foodstuff concentrates made from fruits and vegetables like elderberries, pumpkins, carrots, red cabbage and more. Each colour is a unique arrangement of colours from specific wholefoods and because they are colours extracted from nature they are classified as food ingredients not additives.

  • Hopper natural colours are derived using a water extraction process
  • Solvents and chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process
  • They do not contain any artificial functional additives
Simply: Add a drop at a time until the desired colours is achieved. The colours are very concentrated and a typical dosage level is 1 or 2% of the finished product.

Hopper Natural Colours are pH sensitive and work best in slightly acidic environments. If you are using alkaline ingredients such as eggs and milk you may want to add a small amount of acid such as lemon juice, citric or tartaric acid (all-natural ingredients). The most affected colours are pink, purple and particularly the red, which turns pink/purple. It is highly recommended to experiment prior to use in baking. Hopper food colouring can be frozen and thawed many times, it will remain liquid but defrost to room temperature prior to use.