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Holistic Hair Showdown Head Lice Shield Spray is a safe & holistic blend of natural essential oils and apple cider vinegar to protect against daily infestation of Head lice.

Suitable for: 

All ages and hair types
Protection from head lice infestation
Providing condition and shine to hair

Key Ingredients:

Apple cider vinegar
lea europaea, ricinus communis, lavandula angustifolia, leptospermum scoparium, santalum album, cymbopogon winterianus, citrus paradisi, myroxylon pereirae
To apply: Shake bottle well. Apply approx. 50ml of the oil, depending on hair length to dry hair, until completely covered. Leave on for approximately 15 mins. Using a fine-tooth comb carefully section hair and remove as many eggs and lice as possible. During this comb-out step the oils will assist to suffocate any live lice. Where possible leave the oil on for one hour in total or longer. Natural plant oils offer additional conditioning benefits to the scalp and hair.

To remove: prior to introducing water, massage some holistic hair shampoo through-out the scalp & hair. Add the water to activate the lather. This allows the shampoo to more effectively remove the residual oil. Following the shampoo, apply the Holistic Hair leave-in Herbal Finishing Rinse to loosen any remaining eggs for the final comb-out. As a preventative measure and to help avoid future infestation use the Holistic Hair Shield Spray on a daily basis.

Further treatments: 2 further treatments are recommended on the 3rd and 7th day following the initial treatment.

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