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Collagen Hydrolysate Joint Care Convenience Pack

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Grants Xylitol Mint Natural Toothpaste is a premium toothpaste with boosted Xylitol content.

What is Xylitol? It’s a natural ingredient derived from the bark of trees which has been shown to inhibit the growth of cavity-promoting bacteria in the mouth. Less bacteria allows the calcium and phosphate salts that are in the toothpaste to do their job better and move into those parts of enamel that are weak, helping to repair damaged enamel and prevent tooth decay. And yes, it’s perfectly suitable for all the family.
Nutritional Information:, Please see third image regarding the NIP for 20x12gm Sachet.,
, 454gm Tub

20x12gm Sachet:

Add: One (12gm) stick pack to your favorite beverage or food twice a day, stir and enjoy!