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Synetrim Slim

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Concentrated EPA & DHA. Molecularly distilled for purity. -

Good Health Health Guard Super Omega 3contains superior, high strength concentrated EPA and DHA, naturally sourced from wild fish species in the Pacific Ocean. 
Higher levels of EPA and DHA support the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, support joint mobility, healthy eyes, skin and hair. Omega 3 is vital for the health of mother and baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Health Guard Super Omega 3 is an ideal tonic to benefit general health and wellbeing and has been molecularly distilled and tested for heavy metals and environmental toxins, to ensure optimal purity. One of the highest concentrations of EPA & DHA per capsule in our range. Recommended for potency.

For more on our Marine Sustainability Policy and our other strict product standards see our Good Ingredients Promise 

Ingredients:, Standardised herbal extracts equiv to dry:, Other ingredients:

Adults: Take 1 capsule, twice daily before your two largest meals.