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Magnesium Sleep Cream

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Good Health Magnesium Powder contains a high dose of Magnesium with easy-to absorb forms of magnesium, citrate, chelate, aspartate and phosphate. These types of magnesium support a faster and more effective response in the body. It also contains other important nutrients which include glutamine, taurine, B vitamins and malic acid which are vital for optimal muscle function and energy in the body. 

Good Health Magnesium Powder contains all the essential ingredients needed to support relaxation and recovery for tense, tight muscles and is also beneficial in times of stress. It comes in an easy-to -take refreshing, great tasting neutral orange flavour.


Adults & Children: Before sleep time gently massage onto neck, shoulders and elbow creases. For restless legs, massage onto thighs & calves. Reapply during the night if required.