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Collagen Boost Eye Cream

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Essano™ Collagen Boost Oil contains Schisandra Chinensis Berry and Rosehip oil to deliver intense moisture to the upper layers, giving your skin a firmer and more elastic appearance in only 8 weeks.

These ingredients are clinically proven to:

  • Improve the elasticity parameter and firmness of the skin by up to 28%*
  • Reinforce dynamic cohesion between the dermis and epidermis.
  • Increase Collagen XVII synthesis by up to 6x**
*in-vivo result.
**in-vitro result.
aqua, simmondsia chinensis, jasminum sambac, crataegus monogyna, macadamia integrifolia, cocos nucifera, rosa canina, schisandra chinensis, tocopheryl acetate
After: Cleansing and toning, gently pat a small amount around eye contours.