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Enzymedica Prebiotics Superfoods Drink Mix contains higher amounts of the same amazing fibres that are in the GI Recovery, without the L-Glutamine. Ohtaka Superfood Blend contains a blend of 50 superfoods, including fruit and vegetable powders, to flood the microbiome with nourishment to help reset and bring balance to your digestive system.   

  • Organic fermented barley grass supports detoxification, elimination and overall GI health
  • Organic gum acacia offers fibres that target the large intestine to support gut motility and regularity
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are naturally found in human breastmilk and help to establish a healthy microbiome
Millions of microorganisms, collectively known as the microbiome, play crucial roles within the body to support overall health and wellness. However, they function better when in balance and when this delicate balance is disrupted; the impact on the body can be unpleasant. Diversity is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy microbiome.  When we say diversity, we are referring to a broad range of microorganisms, both the species and strains. Modern medicine provides treatments that all serve very unique purposes however, antibiotics, chemotherapy and other medications as well as lifestyle and food choices, can impact greatly on the microbiome leading to impaired digestive performance. 

Prebiotics are well known for supporting healthy bacteria growth, like fertiliser for the good bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are often non-digestible, but fermentable dietary fibre and oligosaccharides. Whilst prebiotics can be useful in supporting the growth of certain bacteria, they offer limited impact on improving microbiome diversity. 

Probiotics are live bacteria; sometimes called ‘good’ bacteria. They are often recommended to improve the intestinal environment, but they function first and foremost as seeds to help colonise the GI Tract. Many probiotics have demonstrated outstanding results in scientific research, however, there are challenges that they must overcome within the body (such as competition between different organisms and overall harsh conditions of the GI tract). In cases where the microbiome has become impaired, it’s important to reset the ‘terrain’ so that gut function can be brought into balance. 

TAPS PP5445 

Take: One capsule daily on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after a meal.