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Prebiotics Superfoods Drink Mix

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Enzymedica Lacto  is formulated for individuals that have difficulty digesting foods that contain lactose and dairy protein. It contains the highest amount of lactase along with eight additional enzymes.

Lactose intolerance is a condition caused by a lack of an enzyme called lactase. Lactase is the enzyme in the small intestine that digests lactose (a dairy sugar). Normally, lactase breaks lactose down into glucose that can be easily absorbed by the blood. When there is not enough lactase to digest the amount of lactose consumed, water is retained in the bowel, which results in bloating, excessive gas and loose bowels. These issues can occur 30 minutes to two hours after ingesting lactose containing foods.

By taking Lacto™ with meals that contain lactose, you are providing your body with the enzymes needed for proper digestion of not only dairy sugar (lactose) but dairy protein, fats, carbohydrates, meat protein and fibre. 

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Adults: Mix 1 tablespoon of powder with 250ml of cold water. Drink once daily.