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Eco By Sonya Face Compost Mask Purple Power is like no other mask you’ve tried before. This is a supernatural clear & calm mask for your face. A purifying and powerful antioxidant treatment mask which is perfect for all skin types and it’s a perfect accompaniment to the fabulous Eco By Sonya Skin Compost range.

Perfect as a pre makeup mask to help your foundation glide on and is designed to clear & calm your skin. The new Face Compost Purple Power Mask is packed with natures finest ingredients, including acerola extract for extreme brightening and prickly pear for seriously clear skin.

Packaging is contained in a tube made from sugar cane pulp & recycled materials.
aloe barbadensis, cocos nucifera, persa gratissima, butyrospermum, parkii, heliantus annuus, hippophae rhamnoides, dancus carota sativa, mangifera indica
Apply: To clean dry hands & nails twice a day or as required.

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