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Dolphin Clinic Essential Oil Diffuser White safely and conveniently disperse pure essential oils into the air. This simple compact unit allows you to enjoy the aromatic benefits of aromatherpy in your own home.

  • This diffuser creates a beautiful visual mist and has different coloured light settings
  • Simply add water and your favourite pure essential oil(s)
  • The unit automatically shuts off when the water runs out
  • Safe, simple and effective - now everyone can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy
The diffuser works by breaking up the mixture of water and essential oil(s) into millions of micro-particles, no heat is applied to the essential oils. 

Simply plug in, turn on, place 8-10 drops of Dolpin Clinic Pure Essential Oil(s) or Pure Essential Oil Blend(s) into the top recess and enjoy the benefits and lovely aroma.

The vaporiser will take up to 15 minutes to reach full temperature. Depending on the essential oil(s) chosen the aroma will last from 1-6 hours. The benefits will last even longer.

This vaporiser is designed to be used with 100% Pure Essential Oils only. The type of oil used will affect the vaporiser performance, the aroma and benefits.

We recommend you only use Dolphin Clinic Pure Essential Oils and Pure Essential Oil Blends. Do not use carrier oils or water with the Dolphin Clinic Vaporiser. You can leave the vaporiser switched on continuously, just add more essential oils when you want to increase the aroma again. These are very economical, costing significantly less than a standard light bulb to run.

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