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Fucoidan 70%

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Doctor’s D-Ribose featuring BioEnergy Ribose™ supports energy production in the heart muscles and supports muscle recovery following exercise. BioEnergy Ribose™ is a natural, functional ingredient that delivers a unique way to support and sustain energy at the cellular level.

D-Ribose is a simple sugar we make in our bodies from glucose that the body uses to make ATP (the bodys primary energy-carrying molecule). Every cell in our body makes ribose to contribute to ATP production and every cell in the body uses ATP to make energy. During strenuous exercise, large amounts of ATP can be depleted in heart and skeletal muscle cells and supplementation with D-Ribose may support the recovery of ATP to aid health, lifestyle, and levels of fitness.

D-Ribose is commonly used by sports people to support increased skeletal muscle and heart energy (ATP) and also to support muscle relaxation.

    Serving size: 2 veggie capsules, Also contains:
    Adults: Take 2 capsules daily with food or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.