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Biotin 5,000mcg

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Doctors Best Ashwagandha contains Sensoril® which is a clinically researched Ashwagandha extract, produced without using chemical solvents and contains a complete profile of bioactive withanolide glycosides. Sensoril® was evaluated for its support for mental focus and brain function and emotional wellbeing. Sensoril® is standardised to contain a minimum of 10% withanolide glycosides. 

Ashwagandha, (Withania somnifera) is a highly regarded and widely used Ayurvedic herb, and Doctor’s Best Ashwagandha Featuring Sensoril® is a scientifically validated preparation of this great herb, also known as Indian Ginseng. 

In the West, it is known as an adaptogen that supports an individual’s healthy reaction to mental or physical challenges. Ashwagandha supports the body’s stress response and supports energy levels. It also supports immune function and has shown to support healthy sleep, (‘somnifera’ means ‘sleep-inducing in Latin). Much of Ashwagandha’s beneficial activity has been credited to substances known as withanolides.

Each capsule contains:, Other ingredients:, Suitable for:
Suggested Adult Dose: Take one capsule daily, with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.