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EcoFloss Pure Silk Floss Refills

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Do Gooder Ecofloss Pure Silk is a little thinner than the Bamboo Charcoal Floss so easier to use if you have quite tight gaps between your teeth.

Comes in a recycled and recyclable glass bottle. But even better is the bottle is reusable, eliminating waste. Packaging is also recycled and recyclable paper. Plastic-free, biodegradable, zero waste.

30m pure silk candelilla wax – natural mint flavour.
Pure Silk Refills:,
Drop your refill into your ecofloss bottle, pulling a short length through the lid.  Hold your ecofloss bottle upside down before drawing out the floss.  This helps prevent the ecofloss dropping from the dispenser top when you cut the length off.

Get yourself a decent length – you want to be able to hold it comfortably and skimping on it makes flossing a very tricky job, about 30 cm is a great length.

Wrap it around your hands or fingers until you end up with a short section between both hands – this will help you control it.

Gently slide the ecofloss between the teeth. Curve it around the surface of one tooth so it follows the shape of the tooth and gently slips under the gum surface.

Once you have the floss in between the tooth gently move up and down, in and out against the surface of one tooth. Switch to the other tooth. Curve the floss around the surface of the other tooth and do the same. Essentially you are just wiping or scraping the plaque off each surface of the tooth.

Do between each tooth – don’t forget to do around the backs of the back teeth. You will be amazed what you find there. Dispose of the used floss in the compost or rubbish bin.