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Amla Shadow Raw Organic Hair Mask

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Daily Good Turmeric Daily Tonic is formulated with natural, organic produce and high-quality, nutritious ingredients like NZ Manuka honey and organically certified ginger, to ensure you get an appealing and honest tonic with all the benefits and no added fillers or nasties.

They’re also gluten and dairy free and proudly made in New Zealand. Each bottle has 7 daily doses or shots, which come in a 350ml bottle that can be taken neat or diluted in a “hot toddy” or with cold water to make a refreshing drink to keep you hydrated throughout the day.
Mix: powder content with fluid according to instructions and apply the paste to the hair. Leave in between 30 min to an hour for an intense treatment. Once time is up, rinse out to remove all remaining paste particles from the hair. No need to wash your hair if it is rinsed out properly.