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Rennet for Cheesemaking

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Culture Cupboard Probiotic Dairy Yoghurt Starter Culture is a sustainable, healthy and cost-effective decision. This starter contains 10x 2 gram sachets of yoghurt culture and each sachet makes 1 litre of fresh probiotic yoghurt from your choice of dairy milk.

Were all different, and this culture works with a wide range of dairy milk, including lactose-free, A2, trim, cream, raw milk, goat, sheep, UHT, and even powdered milk. Culture Cupboard starters are made in New Zealand in small batches for maximum live culture counts. Because theyre made fresh, each pack has a long shelf life of 8-12 months.

When making yogurt at home, a pan that will hold 1 litre of milk, a thermometer, and a yogurt maker are useful equipment items. Cotton cheesecloth is also useful for straining Greek Yogurt.
  1. Dissolve a sachet in 2 tablespoons of cold, unchlorinated water.
  2. Stir gently through up to 6 litres of milk to set it into curds. 
Follow the recipe for the type of cheese you wish to make for guidance on when to add the rennet.