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Probiotic Dairy Yoghurt Starter Culture

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Culture Cupboard Plant Based Yoghurt Starter turns your choice of plant milk into fresh dairy-free yoghurt. Just add your favourite nut or seed milk and follow the recipes provided. 

Each pack contains 5x 1 litre batches of dairy-free yoghurt and includes:
  • 5 sachets of starter culture
  • 5 sachets of base to fortify thin plant milk
  • Detailed recipe pamphlet
Culture Cupboard starters are made in NZ in small batches for maximum live culture counts. Because theyre made fresh, each pack has a long shelf life of 8-12 months.

When making yogurt at home, a pan that will hold 1 litre of milk, a thermometer, and a yogurt maker are useful equipment items. Cotton cheesecloth is also useful for straining Greek Yogurt.
  1. Add base sachet to 1 litre of plant milk of your choice, blend well and heat to 90°C.
  2. Cool milk to 45°C by placing the pan in a sink of cold water for 5 minutes.
  3. Add one sachet of starter culture.
  4. Pour into prepared yoghurt maker and culture at 45°C for 8 hours.
  5. Chill completely before eating and consume within 7 days.

Plastic yoghurt makers can be used but prepare the milk as above and use 45°C warm water not boiling water in the maker. You will need a yoghurt maker and a thermometer to follow the recipe on the pack.