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Feta Gouda Cheddar Starter Culture

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Culture Cupboard Camembert & Brie Starter Culture makes a great introduction to artisan cheese making at home. Using small quantities of milk and short maturing times, you can make beautiful cheeses. This pack contains 5x sachets, each makes two camembert with expertly blended cultures and moulds for a traditional cheese.

Culture Cupboard cheesemaking starters are made in New Zealand in small batches for maximum freshness. Because theyre made fresh, each pack has a long shelf life of 8-12 months.

When making Camembert cheeses at home, a pan that will hold 4-6 litres of milk, a thermometerrennet and cheese draining baskets are useful equipment items. A cool place to mature the cheeses for 2-3 weeks, such as a cooler bin or wine fridge is useful. 
  1. Heat up to 8 litres of dairy milk to the temperature specified.
  2. Add a sachet of starter culture according to the recipe.
  • Temperatures and times will vary by cheese type.
  • Follow the recipe for the type of cheese you wish to make.
  • Feta is a fast and easy cheese that can be made in an afternoon and eaten the following day.
  • Cheddar and Gouda are for advanced cheese makers, they take more milk and are more involved to make and you will need a cheese press.