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Blue Cheese Starter Culture

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Coyne Healthcare Purest Omega 3 Wild Alaskan Fish uses the latest innovation and EPA/DHA technology to ensure purity and absorption. In developing Purest Omega Coyne Healthcare have collaborated with a world leading authority and expert in Omega 3 production. Their oil boasts the world’s leading TOTOX score, which measures oxidation, meaning they guarantee you the freshest and purest Omega 3 on the worldwide market.

Delivered in its natural Triglyceride form (TG) as nature intended, they deliver a potent dose of EPA and DHA in each capsule. The fish live wild in a pristine environment where they eat a natural diet and are free. This environment is carefully managed and monitored to ensure fishing is done sustainably and responsibility ensuring the fish oil not only looks after you but the environment also.

TAPS P4948
To Use: Heat up to 10 litres of dairy milk to the temperature specified and add a sachet of starter culture and culture according to the recipe.

Temperatures and times will vary by cheese type.