Yoghurt Maker - Stainless Steel with Glass Jar

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Country Trading Co. Organic Cotton Cheesecloth is an organically certified cotton cheesecloth that comes in a generous 1.5 x 1m length, boxed up in plastic-free packaging. 

Grown and woven without chemicals it is useful for so many jobs in the kitchen. This reusable cloth is perfect for straining yoghurt, draining jelly, making nut milk, pressing cheese, covering kombucha, making herb and spice bags, filtering cold brew coffee or bone broth, and more.
  1. Prepare the dairy or nut milk according to the recipe.
  2. Add the starter culture and pour into the prepared maker. 
  3. Culture for the specified time.
  4. Refrigerate fully before eating.
  5. Eat within 7 days of making.