Iodine Oral Drops

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Clinicians Hi-Dose Vit C Sachets is a potent formulation containing two forms of Vitamin C that may support the immune system in times of stress. Each sachet provides a high 3550mg dose of Sodium ascorabate and Ascorbic acid, buffered forms that are well tolerated and easily absorbed by the digestive tract. Hi-Dose Vit C can be taken every 2-3 hours when ills and chills strike to provide acute support to the immune system.
Studies show Vitamin C absorption is greatly increased in individuals when they are unwell before reaching bowel  tolerance and provoking side effects.  This is due to increased support required for immune system function. Hi-Dose Vit C is also appropriate for daily use as it supports stress hormone production from the adrenal glands during times of stress. 
Active Ingredients in Each Drop:, Also Contains:, No Added:

Adults: 1 drop per day or as otherwise instructed.

The iodine drop can be taken in a glass of fruit juice or other acidic drink (i.e. add 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar to a glass of water) and sip the drink throughout the course of the meal. 

Ensure the dropper is held horizontally to obtain the correct amount. 

Note: Absorption of the iodine may be enhanced by taking together with fruit juice.