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Barley Grass Powder - certified organic

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Chunky Jemima Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Jive is here.  Call it portable art, call it high-brow hydration, whatever you call it, just know that this is a beautifully-crafted, double-walled, food-grade 304 stainless steel bottle.

Chunky gives artists free reign to adorn the everyday.  To bring creativity to the commonplace, choose the Chunky that speaks to you and know that your purchase is bringing the work of an emerging artist to the world one drinking fountain at a time.

This bottle was designed by New Zealand duo Jive. Jive was founded in 2016 by two good friends, Aimee Parker and Hollie Webb. They are a design duo that uses a range of skills to fulfill their love for vibrant design.  In particular, Jive specialises in bold, colourful prints and imagery for clients, as well as designing and screen-printing their own loud, playful t-shirts and accessories.

Adults take approx. 1 teaspoon a day.

Children aged 5-15 years take a generous half teaspoon daily.

Can be mixed with water, fruit juice or added to your favourite smoothie.

It is preferable to take Barley Grass Powder before a main meal, but it may be added to a soup or any meal after cooking has been completed.