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Mr Nits Headlice Treatment

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Botanica Mr Nits Coconut Combing-Kit is a maintenance formula for weekly prevention.

Use Mr Nits Coconut Combing-Kit to be sure any new lice and live eggs are removed to keep on top of the problem.  The head lice life cycle is 7-10 days, so weekly use of Mr Nits Coconut Combing-Kit will avoid infestation and break the head lice life cycle. 

  1. Dampen hair with water, sit comfortably in a well-lit position with a towel over shoulders.
  2. Apply Mr Nits lightly but enough to get to the scalp and comb throroughly with Expert Comb. After each stroke, wipe the comb clean to remove lice and eggs.
  3. Shampoo then comb through again to ensure all lice and eggs are gone. 
Mr Nits targets head lice and live eggs.  Any remaining empty egg shells can be removed by leaving Mr Nits on the hair for 10-20 minutes covered with Treatment Cap, until the penetrating oils make it easy to comb them out. 
Fast, fragrant and soothing.