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Serenity Nasalette Natural Essential Oil Inhaler

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Black Chicken Remedies Serenity Essential Oil Blend  is the perfect calming blend of pure healing essential oils specially chosen to create an atmosphere of balance.
Specially formulated to target specific areas, this product is blended to maximise the remedial properties of each essential oil and give you a little extra help every day. Choose what you inhale and experience the difference.

Perfect for use at home, work or anywhere you want to use an essential oil fragrance to enhance a pleasant atmosphere.
citrus paradisi, ocimum basilicum, citrus aurantium amara, pogostemon cablin, lavandula angustifolia, michelia champaca, origanum majorana, citrus reticulata, citrus bergamia
    Place the personal inhaler tip just below your nostril, close off the other nostril with one finger.
    Slowly inhale to a count of 5 with full awareness of the remedial scents, then slowly exhale.
    Repeat with the other nostril. You can repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

    You can use your personal inhaler every 2-3 hours.

    Refill: Open cap at the bottom of the Nasalette™ and add 5-6 drops of the matching blend.