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Mansome Pack

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H.I.S Face & Beard Oil 30ml:,
, Axilla Deodorant Paste Original Alpha 75gm:,
H.I.S. Face and Beard Oil: Rub 4-6 drops into your palm, massage upward into your beard from the neck then pull your fingers through the beard to gently condition the skin beneath.

Best used daily after showering when skin is warm and pores are open. Or if you don’t have a beard, it’s highly effective as an all over face moisturiser. 

Axilla Deodorant Paste Original Alpha: Applying the deodorant paste is just like moisturising your armpits. Grab a pea sized amount with your finger and gently rub it into your armpits until it warms and dissolves. Simple! A little goes a long way. Don’t rub too hard or apply too much, apply directly after shaving.