Black Obsidian Gua Sha

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Black Chicken Remedies Beard Oil is good for all those uncomfortable skin, dry jawline and frizzy facial hair symptoms most men don’t like talking about.

Whether you have a beard or not, this stuff gets to the bottom of the problem even if it’s beneath a hunk of hair.  

Beard Oil targets the skin not just the beard and it’s a highly potent yet lightweight oil that calms and moisturises.  Plus if you let your stubble grow freely, Black Chicken Remedies Beard Oil will help prevent frizz, soften and nourish follicles.

Smell like a combination of earthy and invigorating natural scents that last all day.
Use: Daily after cleansing the face and applying your serum. 
It not only gives your skin a workout, but also helps your serums nutrients absorb better into skin.