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BioTrace Probiotic Oral Refresh is a mouth freshener you can swallow that transforms your mouth into a healthy environment for good bacteria. It comes in two natural flavours – arctic mint and wild fruit. An overgrowth of unfavourable bacteria in the mouth can affect dental, throat and ear health and cause halitosis (bad breath).

This product contains a strain of bacteria, streptococcus salivarius (s. salivarius), that may support the equilibrium of the oral cavity, including the gums, throat and upper respiratory tract. Scientific research consistently shows that introducing s. salivarius to the oral cavity may support dental hygiene and a healthy mouth.

It contains natural oils that promote the adhesion of s. salivarius to the teeth and gum surfaces. Once the probiotic adheres in the warm moist environment of the mouth, it flourishes in numbers creating a lasting effect. You will experience a clean mouth feel like never before!
Per 1 capsule serve:, Other Ingredients:

Adults: Take 1-2 capsules before bedtime, or may be taken throughout the day with meals.