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BioBalance Liver Cleanse & Detox provides comprehensive support for healthy liver function, detoxification, digestion, energy and clear skin. Scientifically formulated with key herbs and nutrients including antioxidants zinc, selenium and green tea, along with phosphocomplex, a unique bioavailable form of milk thistle which supports healthy liver cells and natural detoxification pathways. It also provides phosphatidylcholine which supports the transport of fat from the liver.  

The formula supports detoxification with key herbs. Cleavers support the kidneys to filter and eliminate metabolic waste in the body, coriander leaf supports the metabolization of toxins through the liver and dandelion root has been shown to support healthy liver cells – the hepatocytes. Dandelion supports normal bowel elimination and bitter globe artichoke leaf is used to support the health of liver cells when they are exposed to toxins. 

BioBalance Liver Cleanse & Detox is ideal for those lacking energy or digestive power and can be taken daily for general liver health maintenance or as a ‘spring clean’ once or twice per year. 

  • This comprehensive blend of herbs and nutrients will support healthy liver function and detoxification, digestion, good energy levels and help to support clear skin
  • Antioxidants zinc, selenium and green tea support heavy metal detoxification 
  • A bioavailable form of milk thistle (phosphocomplex) stays in the body for longer and is more bioavailable than standard milk thistle. 
  • Cleavers, coriander leaf, dandelion and globe artichoke leaf provide herbal support for metabolising toxins and aid elimination, and supporting gastric comfort
Serving Size: 5 capsules
, Other ingredients: Vegetarian capsules., No fillers, preserving agents or other additives are used in the manufacture of this product.

, BioBalance Certified Organic Maca Root is gelatinised. It is heated during the production process so it is ready to be consumed as it is.

Adults: Take 2-5 capsules daily.

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