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Ylang Ylang (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Vanilla 45% (Organic) is a rich, sweet aroma of vanilla, it is one of the most familiar of all the essential oils. It has an alluring, comforting effect that can be used to help create a warm atmosphere of security to encourage the expression of deeply felt emotions, frustrations and hidden sensuality. 
The steady, restorative tones can also be used to support emotional balance when challenges loom large. (This is a pure alcohol extract with 45% vanilla for therapeutic use. Household vanilla is normally created at 0.5% concentration). 

Positive Outlook: Add 3-5 drops to a diffuser or to a bath to infuse a luxurious scent that nourishes the senses and allows fresh creativity and optimism to surface.

Sexual Desire: Ylang Ylang is a renowned aphrodisiac for men and women. Add 5 drops to a diffuser, the bath or massage oil. It is important to use the recommended amount for this purpose. A few drops can stimulate and enhance sexual desire, however too much will promote relaxation and sleep.

Heart: To support normal heart functions, blend 2 drops of Ylang Ylang into 1 ml of Sweet Almond oil and massage over the heart region before bed. (Always check with a healthcare specialist. When necessary, therapeutic oils may be used safely with prescribed medicine.)

Calm: Add 3-5 drops to a diffuser or to a bath to bring the body and mind together in quiet relaxation.