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Rose Floral Water (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Rose 3% in Jojoba (Organic) is a skin-ready blend of exclusive Rose oil in Jojoba delivers luxurious aromatic care on all levels. 

Roses tender floral scent is beautifully balancing and harmonic with a soothing effect on mind and spirit, and it has equally calming and restorative powers when blended for the skin: with strong antimicrobial and cleansing action, it works to keep skin healthy and high-functioning. 

It stimulates gentle lymphatic cleansing which is especially useful for dark eye rings and around the neck for supporting healthy circulation; it is high in natural anti-oxidants to combat blemishes, ageing, and wrinkles.

It helps to improve the skin’s capacity for absorption, thus working in combination with Jojoba to deliver deep nutrition and Omega essentials for greater skin health. 


Skin Cleansing: This gentle skin cleanser and toner is especially suited to mature skin. It helps to soothe irritated, inflamed and dry skin conditions which may be caused by hormonal changes.
Skin Toner: Spray onto face as a gentle skin toner for sensitive or mature skin.
Make-Up Remover: This pure product contains gentle, natural cleansing and hydrating qualities that make it ideal as a make-up remover for mature skin.
Irritated Skin: Irritated and inflamed skin is gently soothed by the natural therapeutic qualities in this rose floral water