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Manuka (Wild)

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Absolute Essential Lime (Organic) is the strongest of the citrus oils with a bold, bittersweet aroma that compliments vital life energy. 
The uplifting properties of lime can be used to promote effective action and clear thinking. It has cleansing, antiseptic qualities and a host of healing qualities that can be used in first aid, respiratory care and immunity support. 
Blends well with lemon, basil, patchouli and jasmine.

Skin Health: Add 5-10 drops to a bath to support healthy skin and natural recovery from irritation and itchiness. Repeat twice a week or as required.

Womens Health: Supports natural immunity and healthy acid/alkaline balance in the vagina, thus encouraging healthy yeast balance. Simply add 5 drops of Manuka to the bath or 2 drops to a douche. Repeat daily as required.

Congestion: To promote healthy breathing and help clear chests and heads add 5 drops to 5 drops each of Lavender Spike and Eucalyptus. Use via steam inhalation or dilute in 1ml Sweet Almond oil and rub over the chest and back. Repeat as required.

Skin Care: As a gentle cleanser and to help reduce dry and scaly skin, add 5 drops to your face and body wash. Apply daily as required.