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Lavender Sweet (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Lavender Spike (Organic) provides a more camphor-like scent than Lavender True, this is the preferred Lavender oil for supporting healthy respiratory process. 

In this pristine, organic state, it is ideal for medicinal diffusion, steam inhalation and baths. With antibacterial properties Lavender Spike is also popular for topical application in skin care blends. 

As all Lavenders, the Spike variety is relaxing, restorative and gentle and can be recommended for children and the elderly. 

Blends well with: All Eucalyptus oils, Myrrh and Fir Balsam. 

The Difference Between Lavenders:

Lavender Sweet (organic): Has a soft, gentle scent, ideal for using in cleaning products, laundry, and skin care. It can still be utilised to assist the skins natural healing and regeneration processes, to promote relaxation, calm and balance Lavender True (organic) is calming and relaxing, excellent for skin healing and for burns, cuts and for general first aid. Lavender Spike (organic) is great for respiratory support and for tight muscles and joints.

Lavender True (organic): Utilised in Skin Healing to assist the skins natural healing and regeneration processes, especially when blistered or scalded. Lavender True (organic) is very calming and may help to ease tender nerves. Use to support sleep & calm and helps to counter restlessness and sleeplessness. Use to counter the effects of shock. Can be used to aid healing when skin is bruised and damaged.

Lavender Spike: Reported to have calming properties that may be useful against congested and tight chests, it blends well with other respiratory essential oils. Can be used to promote clear sinuses in babies and has a gentle penetrating aroma that encourages deep healthy breathing. It offers cleansing and expectorant properties to support natural recovery from respiratory illness and is ideal for young children and elderly. A useful addition to massage blends for treating body tension and injury.


Bath (5-10 drops)
AromaStone (10 drops)
Aroma Diffuser (5-10 drops)
Inhalation (2-5 drops)
Massage (1 drop per 1ml carrier oil)
Compress (3-5 drops)