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First Aid Essentials (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Feminine Balance (Organic) is support for the impact of adolescence to the onset of menopause when a womans composure is integral to the balance of her physiology. 

Absolute Essential has crafted a very pure blend that works in harmony with the body to support a woman through her natural processes. With molecular properties that can infiltrate natural hormonal process and specific relaxant and soothing properties, this unique essential oil synergy acts organically to promote healthy transition and equilibrium. 

From premenstrual tensions through to menopause, let Absolute Essential support the journey with natural integrity. Suitable to be used in a bath, diffuser, compress or dilute for massage (see directions).


Hormone Balance: This blend works to support the natural functions of your endocrine system, which encourages balanced transitions.

Mood Stabilizer & Pre-Menstrual Tension: The therapeutic properties of this blend work in harmony with the body to help establish balance and calm. It may be especially useful for the physical and emotional tensions that characterise PMT.

Menopause: Assist the transition of menopause with this natural support of endocrine functions. Once a week create a therapeutic bath or apply a compress to the small of the back to maintain phytohormone levels in the bloodstream. We also recommend combining use with the popular herbal remedy Don Quai.


Cuts, bites, burns, wounds: Tea Tree & Lavender (2 drops direct or 5 drops in 1 litre water to wash, 2x daily).

Headaches, confusion & sickness: Peppermint & Lavender (1-2 drops to temples & back of neck).
Sleeplessness, restlessness & body pains: Lavender (3-5 drops to bath, diffuser or direct to chest for relaxation).
Allergies & colds: Tea Tree & Lavender (3-5 drops for steam inhalation, as required).
Massage: 2 drops to 1 teaspoon of carrier.