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Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

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Absolute Essential Cell Slim & Tone Lotion (Organic) will reward your best efforts of exercise and healthy diet with this exquisitely rich, dual-action body lotion that will help you achieve optimum results.

Cell Slim & Tone is a highly absorbent complex formulation created using the finest organic botanical ingredients and designed to work deep beneath the dermal layers to encourage healthy cell activity, aid elasticity, flush toxins and break down fat tissue, support circulation and effective recovery in stretched skin, while also nourishing and visibly improving the skins tone and texture. 

Non-greasy and soothing, with a lovely, fresh, naturally invigorating fragrance.
Instructions for Use:
1. Connect the DC port to the DC slot in the base.
2. Place the water tank on the centre of the base.
3. Lift off the cover with guitar pic provided.
4. Pour water into the tank (no more than 300ml), use 150ml jug provided.
5. Add drops of essential oil/s as desired.
6. Replace the cover.
7.a. Connect the AC adaptor to the power socket and switch on. 
7.b. First touch: the unit is on standby mode with button light. If not touched again within 5 seconds, the unit will shut off.
7.c. Second touch: (if touched within 5 seconds of first touch) continuous mist with 7 colours changing automatically.
7.d. Third touch: pause on current LED colour.
7.e. Fourth touch: light turns off.
7.f. Fifth touch: unit turns off.

Quick Tips:
  • Use measuring cup to fill water tank, don’t fill directly from tap.
  • For optimum running, pour out the water completely and wipe the unit with a soft cloth after each use (this is particularly important when switching between different types of essential oils).
  • It’s normal for ambient humidity and air temperature to affect the mist density.
  • Do not let the mist spray onto furniture, clothes or walls.
  • If you’re not using the unit for awhile, make sure it is emptied out completely, cleaned and stored in a dry place.
  • When first connected to power the unit is set to OFF.
  • If the unit is running low on water at any stage it will automatically turn itself OFF.
Using the Remote Control:
  • ON / OFF switch
  • Rotate 7 colours or pause on a particular colour.
  • Turn on the light directly without pressing ON/OFF button.
  • Long press to turn off the light.
  • There are 7 brightness levels. To select, make sure it’s in ‘colour pause’ mode, then press light mode button again then it’s ready to adjust.
  • HIGH / LOW mist option.
  • 1H, 3H, 6H Long press to cancel the timing mode with the sound ‘DD’.
  • Continuous / Intermittent mist mode (run 30sec, stop 30sec).
NOTE: You will need to open the cover and remove the insulating tape before first use. If the signal is weak or not working, you may need to change the battery.