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Brain Power (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Blemish Free (Organic) is an amazingly gentle, restorative blend. It is a wonder for adolescent or menstrual skin due to its inherent clearing and antiseptic properties. 

Using a totally natural, pure botanical formulation that effectively nurtures and nourishes healthy skin, you can deep cleanse your pores without damaging or drying delicate facial tissue. Soft, supple skin is maintained and bacteria are kept in check. The perfect product to support the natural beauty of youthful skin, Blemish Free can be used for a weekly steam, in a daily hot-towel compress, or simply dab a drop on the spot, as required.
Mental Clarity: Blended to assist natural mental processes and healthy concentration and clarity.
Memory: Because of the connection between fragrance and memory, using Brain Power as you work and again when you take your exam or make a presentation - a few drops on your clothes - is a naturally effective measure to encourage optimum recall. 
Focus: Brain Power diffusion is recommended to create a space suitable for focus and disciplined work.