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Blemish Free (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Birth Time Calm (Organic) supports the inevitable anxieties around birth which are best managed with sensible preparation and an open mind. Breathing is, of course, our best natural resource to help us stay loose and manage powerful contractions with presence and integrity. 

Which is why Birth Time Calm is the perfect companion for natural birthing. Made with exceptionally pure essential oils, it has a gentle natural aroma that carries specific calming and balancing properties to sensory receptors at the nose. Simply put drops into a diffuser to help create an atmosphere conducive to clarity and composure. 

Also helpful to encourage relaxation and calm during pregnancy, Birth Time Calm may be especially useful in conjunction with guided prenatal yoga. It is absolutely safe for mother and baby and may be accompanied by Maternity Labour Support for a total natural-care birth plan.


Essential oils of:
Compress: Add 5 drops to hot-warm water, wring out clean face cloth & place over the affected area (three times a week).

Facial Steam: Add 5 drops to a bowl of hot water (once a week). 

Young Skin: Supports healthy skin tissue and nourishes the skin to improve natural elasticity. Add a drop to your moisturiser or a good quality clay mask.