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Birthing Essentials (Organic)

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Absolute Essential Organic Bergamot (Organic) provides the uplifting citrus aroma of bergamot has cleansing and restorative properties that can be used to support balance and natural composure.

It has antiseptic and healing properties that support its use for general body maintenance and skin care and repair. Offering tonic effect on a range of body functions, it also promotes emotional wellbeing and has specific use on the digestive process to encourage a sense of satiation against smoking or over-eating.

Blends well with: Sandalwood, Petitgrain, and Lemon.


Birth Time Start (organic):,
, Birth Time Calm (organic):, Maternity Labour Support (organic):
Diffusion: 2-5 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required

Bath: 5 drops as water runs

Inhalation: One drop to collar or pillow

Massage: 5 drops to 2 tsp of carrier

Labour Hormone Start: Apply as a compress 3-6x daily once due date has arrived.

Labour Support: Labour Support is a safe, no-drug response to help ease lower back tensions during labour. Add 5 drops to hot compress and apply direct to area.

Post Natal: Birth Time Calm offers a safe, comforting aroma that can be used also to gently support relaxed, confident newborn care.