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Absolute Essential Baby Care Massage Essentials (Organic) provides two of our most requested childcare items that meet basic baby needs with the wonderful, nurturing touch of 100% pure, therapeutic plant ingredients.

Rose & Chamomile Baby Oil has a light, fine base of organic Sweet Almond oil (virgin, cold-pressed) enhanced with the mildest of essential oils for soft, soothing skin and general care.

Tummy Blend brings a baby-gentle array of calming, soothing qualities to your fingertips for simple, loving care through such things as colic and anxiety.

Presented in a beautiful, practical box made from Nepalese Lokta-bush paper (thus supporting traditional hand-craft and sustainable forest enterprise in recovering earthquake communities).

Baby Care: Nose & Chest (organic):, Chamomile roman 3% (organic),
, Twinkle star (organic):
Diffusion: 2-4 drops, allow 20 minutes, replenish as required.

Bath: 1-5 drops as water runs.

Massage: 2 drops to 1 tsp of carrier. 

Baby Soothe: Chamomile Roman 3% can be rubbed clockwise on belly for tummy trouble, to cheeks for teething, and calves and back to support the nervous system in regulating temperature.

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