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Use as a massage rub or balm Tui Woman's Blend is one of Tuis most popular blends, for the support of Menopause and PMT

Frankincense has been shown to be helpful for PMT, menopause but is also a general tonic for the uterus and can be helpful during labour. While Bergamot, Geranium and Lavender can help calm anxiety and nervous tension. Woman's Blend is a supreme medium for massage and also wonderful as a skin conditioner after showering. The semi-solid consistency provides ideal friction, eliminates spillage and improves the flow of the massage. Product code: TUIWOMANS Cautions
Spot prior to use Ingredients
Olive oil (Olea europaea)
Organic NZ beeswax (Cera alba)
Almond oil (Prunus amygdalus sativa)
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherole T-70)
Arnica oil (Arnica montana)
Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carterii)
Bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia)
Lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia)
Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium graveolens)

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