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Ideally used during a session of deep tissue massage. Tip: Use Tui Cooling & Soothing Balm or Tui Warming & Easing Balm for spot work. Tui Balm Sports Massage & Body Balm is a calming and fresh sports rub with extra arnica for athletes suffering from pains and strains.

Sports Massage & Body Balm is a wonderful massage balm for therapists working with athletes due to the inclusion of Arnica (excellent for inflammation, muscle aches and pains) and St Johns Wort (great for nerve pain, scars and contusions). THis can be used before or after physical activity and is also excellent for irritated, cracked or rough skin.

Tui Balm Sports Massage & Body Balm comes in a semi-solid consistency that provides ideal friction, eliminates spillage and improves the flow of the massage, thus making it a supreme medium for massage. 

NB To remove any residues from sheets, towels and clothing, rub a little dishwash liquid into stains then hot wash. Product code: TUISPORTS Cautions
Spot test prior to use

Do not apply to broken skin Ingredients
Almond oil
Olive oil
Ccertified organic NZ Beeswax
Vitamin E
Arnica oil
Hypericum (St Johns Wort)

*Essential oils

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