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My midwife recommended this product when i started breast-feeding. 3 years later and I'm still using it. Awesome, natural, non-diary product thats tasty too! I add it to my after work-out morning shake *Results may vary from Customer to Customer I add this flavour to most of my breakfast smoothies, and are experimenting with adding it to homemade bliss balls and other healthy treats. Love the flavour, not overpowering. Will definitely be buying this again. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer It's very hard to find a protein powder that doesn't contain aspartame, and this ticks all the boxes that you need when it comes to protein powder.

The Rolls Royce of protein powders, at Toyota pricing! *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Excellent product, about to buy some different flavours. Fabulous for straight after my swim in the morning and keeps me full until lunchtime. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer This is a great product and we us it every morning in our smoothies. Without the Clean Lean Protein powder added, by 2pm the energy levels are down and the mind is not as focused. Its a must in our house. Vanilla is our most used flavor. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer I've tried a few protein powders. This has to be the best I've had, and il continue to use this one. Tastes good, and does not contain dairy. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer This is the best tasting pea protein ever. Some of the others are ghastly, but Nuzest stuff tastes really nice. Also if it's good enough for Ma'a Nonu and Maria Tutaia then good enough for me... *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Cautions
Clean Lean Protein is great for kids and adults alike. It has something for everyone.
It has 'The Alkaline Advantage' and high protein content for those watching the 'bottom' line.
It's very easy to digest and it's ideal for the growth and development needs of kids.
And of course it suits vegetarians and vegans as well. Ingredients

 Pea Protein Isolate

 Natural Vanilla

 Natural Fruit Protein

 Per 100g

 1600 kj



  - saturated


  - sugar

 Dietary fibre


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