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Serving size 26g. Use before or after exercise to repair, strengthen and build muscle tissue Horleys 100% Whey provides a high quality, high-protein low-carb support for active bodies. 

100% Whey s an ideal nutrition partner for sports people and gym goers needing to support exercise and recovery. It also supports active people needing to meet their body’s daily protein requirements, manage weight or satisfy appetite – particularly those on higher protein, lower carbohydrate eating plans.

100% Whey’s formulation is naturally rich in branch chain amino acids – the key amino acids that fuel muscle growth and repair. Delivering 20g of protein per serve, 100% Whey is a super convenient and concentrated way to trigger the key metabolic processes involved with muscle tissue repair and growth, as well as keeping you full and satisfied. Product code: 9400580046114 Cautions
Contains Milk and Soy products (soy lecithin is used to instantise the protein powder)

Vegetarian friendly

Gluten free

Halal certified Ingredients
Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate (94%)
Thickeners (466, 415)
Artificial Sweetener (955)

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