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Sleep and Relaxing Drops

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Take 5 drops (child under 7 years), 10 drops (7 to 14 years) or 15 drops (adult) . For insomnia: Take before dinner and at bedtime - may be repeated during the night. For nervous tension: Take 3 times daily at least 15 minutes before meals. In acute cases take every 2 hours. Weleda Sleep and Relaxing Drops has several advantages over minor sleeping pills and conventional relaxants. 

Sleep and Relaxing Drops are non-habit forming, and they promote sleep without leaving you feeling groggy in the morning, helping you to re-establish your natural day/night rhythm. Also, unlike sleeping pills, they do not suppress REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the essential deep dreaming that balances the day’s emotional experiences and tensions.

Weleda Sleep and Relaxing Drops is ideal for those who struggle to realx at the ned of the day, or shift-workers who have inteupted sleep patterns. Product code: 9416114020307 Cautions
If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.
Naturally cloudy - shake the bottle before use. Ingredients
Avena sativa+
Humulus lupulus
Passiflora incarnate
Valeriana officinalis
Homoeopathic ingredient: Coffea tosta 60x
Water/ethanol base