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System Well Ultimate Immunity

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I caught a cold right before a big trip to Europe so rushed into Health 2000 to find something
that would work fast and the staff member in Porirua store recommended this. It has been fantastic I felt heaps better after just 1 day of taking it. Really helps in the fight against a cold and makes your feel great. I barely felt sick at all. Would recommend to anyone. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Great product used by the whole family *Results may vary from Customer to Customer I can't rave enough about the product and have recommended it so many times to people. This product has not failed me yet. As I have damaged lungs now due to reoccurring pneumonia this product manages to keep me away from winter ills and chills and keeps my immunity high to protect my lungs. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer I used to take a vitamin C, garlic and an olive leaf extract during winter. They worked but I was taking so many pills i was rattling when I walked. This has everything you need and I haven't needed a day off sick so far this year (touch wood).

Has something spicy in it too, don't know what it is but something really peppery. Must be good for the sinus or something. Anyway, great stuff and my new winter shield against colds and flus. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer The fantastic staff at Health 2000 suggested I take
System Well Ultimate Immunity tabs for my Irritable Bowel
condition. I was about to give up work as I was finding it
difficult to manage. They told me it would take a year of
taking the tablets. Today I am so much better and still working.
My sister has started taking them and I am going to purchase a
bottle for my daughter. Thanks Health 2000. *Results may vary from Customer to Customer Cautions
Not recommended in pregnancy or during breastfeeding Ingredients
Each tablet contains, 

Nutritional immunity blend: 
Vitamin A 5000IU
Vitamin C 1gm
Vitamin D 200IU
Zinc 15mg
Selenium 25mcg
Sodium 5mg
Circulatory immunity blend:
Cayenne 160mg
Cordyceps 160mg
Garlic 190mg
Systemic immunity blend:
Echinacea purpurea 250mg
Astragalus 100mg
Olive Leaf 65mg
Myrrh Gum 40mg
Cellular immunity blend:
IP-6 75mg
Maitake Mushroom 60mg
Shitake Mushroom 60mg
Yamabushitake Mushroom 60mg
Reishi Mushroom 60mg
Digestive immunity blend:
Arabinogalactan 95mg
Oregon Grape 70mg
Fructooligosaccharides 60mg
Primadophilus Probiotic blend 2.7mg
Respiratory immunity blend:
Elecampane 40mg
Fenugreek 75mg
Horehound 75mg
Thyme 50mg
Lymphatic immunity blend:
Gugul extract 65mg
Rosemary 65mg
Siberian Eleuthero 65mg
Plantain 20mg
Epidermal immunity blend:
Gotu Kola 50mg
Aloe leaf blend 25mg